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暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第1篇

One day during the summer vacation, my father took me to the seaside to play.

Wow. There are so many people by the seaside. Due to the hot weather, people came to the seaside to avoid the heat. My father and I changed into swimsuits and went into the sea with a lifebuoy. The seawater is as blue as the sky, and the taste is a bit salty. The seawater is really cool. The wind was blowing on the sea, and the waves were rising. Several seagulls were flying in the sea. There are several fishing boats catching fish in the distance.

My father and I happily landed. I found various shells on the coast. Sand can also make castles.

My father and I think the seaside is like the world in a story, just as beautiful.





暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第2篇

This summer, I visited the breathtaking Hainan Island, and everything there left a beautiful impression on me. Arriving at Hainan Island, our group eagerly arrived at the blue sea. The sea gently licked my feet, and the waves caressed me like a fathers big hand, feeling extremely comfortable.

Diving! _I quickly put on my diving suit and water shoes, and suddenly I became a_ mermaid _. I took a boat to the center of the water, carried an oxygen cylinder on my back, and prepared to go into the water. With a shout, _Children, go into the water!_ I dived into the water. The beautiful scenery in the water really surprises me: the colorful coral reefs, some like big palms, some like blooming flowers, are extremely beautiful; The lush water plants are like graceful girls dancing together!

Suddenly, a small fish swam past me. The fish had tiny eyes and colorful scales, but they were so bright. Looking at its hurried appearance, it seemed like it was going to a beauty pageant. A slender fish with a width of only about 1 centimeter swam past me. Dont look at it so small, its eyes are so big! Her round and smooth eyes never blinked, shuttling through the coral bushes, as if reconnaissance of enemy situations... The underwater world is really beautiful! It really broadened my horizons.




暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第3篇

The time passed quickly, but it was another year. This morning, the school began to leave the winter holiday. I like past holidays, there will always be on the first day of the holiday started, make a plan for the feasible, purpose is in order to be able to make myself in the holiday, have a more happy and substantial, and can learn more knowledge outside, and after a joy.

I want to cultivate my interests and hobbies, I want to practice calligraphy with my father, and I can write a good word when I grow up. Watch the news on TV and learn about society. I need to exercise more and keep fit.

I will keep a diary and composition. In the past, my diary _dried up_ was largely a lack of observation; Later, I'm going to look at 30 minutes a day of extra-curricular, put some thoughts and recorded during winter vacation, and some meaningful person or thing written in the article. Look at some excellent compositions and learn the strengths of others. Find good articles on the Internet and learn from others. In addition, I have a brochure, called _diary of a small material_, at ordinary times is trivial to observe, record some wonderful things, writing an article that is a good material! When it comes time to write, there's nothing to write about.




暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第4篇

What are my hobbies? It's my little secret. You don't look at me. I like it. I have only one hobby. I'll tell you what! I like to play computer.

My dad is a tech geek with a few computers at home. I didn't play this “big TV” at first. I watched him play so well that he stole it. I did not learn to learn a week, I will a little, gradually, I became a master, and fascinated the game.

After I got hooked on the game, I started buying CARDS. I know a computer software, I play online game need to click, I take the money to buy there, I spent so much money that!

I have a game called “xianjian 3”, which is very funny. I can play on the computer as soon as I have time, but not less than dad. Dad returned the password to the computer, I watched my dad lose a few figures, I tried to open the computer, broken! My father and I are rivals to see who is good!

When I was in school, as long as it was a sub-class, I thought of the game that I played, the people in the game became the master, the teacher also did not find!

I tell you, the CD now has only 3 yuan! I'll buy it if I have money. That's it! I'm not too poor!

To keep my dad from discovering that I was playing computer, I shoveled the ice in the fridge and put it on my computer to make it cool faster. Once I forgot to take it down and was scolded by my mother.

Alas! My hobby makes my grades go down, but it doesn't matter, as long as I study hard, so I can relax and play! Play and play, to learn, I good result, my mother will let me play!

暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第5篇

This time our whole class go to dragon geng to travel, we can be happy, wish to sing loudly at once!

When we got to the bus, we sat on the bus and talked and laughed and said, _we forgot the time, we got it!_

In the years of the dragon, we walked out of the bus and came out as if we were welcoming us. We lined up and walked into the long geng years. We first visited ancient things, and we looked at them and said, some of them took their phones out and took pictures, and I saw the ancient ploughs. After we visited, we sat down to rest and talked to others about the snacks we brought. After a while, we were about to leave. We visited the plants again.

The first thing I saw at the plant house was the pink plant, which was very long and very large. We walked again, saw a lot of fruit, ask the pumpkin, don't ask not to know to frighten a jump, but really big. Then we visited the animal house.

Animal hall is some extinct animals, such as dinosaurs, the false dinosaur, although it is false, can look like the real, the extremely sharp teeth like will eat you at any time.

Going home, not give away, we read I will never forget this tour, because let me feel happy, don't go all the way we talking and laughing happy!







暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第6篇

My favourite season is spring. Spring is a lovely season, I think.

There is a garden behind my house.

In spring, the trees become green and the flowers give off fragrance(芳香). There are many butterflies and bees over the flowers.

The butterflies are dancing and the bees are singing. Sometimes it rains.

It usually rains quietly. The rain moistens(滋润) the trees and the flowers. I think they may say, “We’re very thirsty. The rain is very good. It can help us.”

What a beautiful scene! Don’t you think so?我最喜欢的是春天。




蝴蝶在跳舞,蜜蜂在歌唱。有时候,会下雨,常常都是下得轻轻的。 雨水滋润了树木和花朵


暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第7篇

Today, the weather was overcast, but my mother told me to take me back to go home. I asked my mother, _Mom, why are you going back to your hometown today?_ My mother said, _Its cool today. Wearing a mask wont be very boring!_

Walking on the road, it suddenly started to rain lightly. My mother sighed and said, _Its really lazy people who dont go out. Its not sunny outside!_ I chuckled happily. Sitting on the bus, I felt very bored, so I took out a book from my bag to read. As soon as I reached the exciting spot, my mother interrupted me and asked me to look out the window. I was stunned at the sight: golden sunflowers everywhere, so beautiful! But why are their heads down? I suddenly thought that sunflowers are rotating towards the sun, probably because there is no sun today. I guess I fell asleep!

The corn in the corn field is not yet ripe, and it is very green and eye-catching. The corn growing on the corn stalk seems to be wrapped in shy little dolls. The wild flowers on the roadside are also blooming in a colorful way, competing to showcase their beautiful bodies, as if afraid that others wont see them.

Ah, what a beautiful journey home!





暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第8篇

Summer the sun baked the earth at jolly, then think of the first word is ”nobody“. At this point about how we hope to have a bowl of chill water in the body. It's not, parents took me to go with Li Xinyue the pearl spring water world to play.

Everything is not so easy, however, as soon as we get there in the sun baked a period of time. Ok no sweet without sweat, I put on swimsuit, set the swimming laps, bare feet run into the swimming pool. After a while, to my favorite show, ”tsunami_, at this moment, how much I was ecstatic swimming I pulled her mother's hand, and all things that damned wave will be against me, I was not easy for a few steps forward, it's easy to push me to step back N.

暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第9篇

One day, I and the younger brother to play in miss home.

Accidentally, I play on the ground with the balloon, the balloon fly to the also put out a hand, from the balloon rope way! I jump, stretch out his hand, still cant young lady say: _grieve you, you are out of reach._ All of a sudden, I came up with a way, I stood on the bed, fiercely jump, took hold of the rope of a hand at once, _flop_, I had a big front parties, made them young lady said: _big lie prone before, on or before, like a big frog._ I shake hands balloon said to them: _I grabbed the balloon!_

Brother also learn to me to catch the catch ah, laughing.

What a happy day!





暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第10篇

I went through many interesting events during the summer vacation, the most interesting of which were the two that happened at my grandmothers house in the countryside.

One day, I saw Grandma was going to her corn field to hoe, loosen the soil and fertilize the soil. I quickly ran to Grandma and said, _Grandma! Grandma! Can you let our brothers and sisters also help?_ Grandma said, _No, Im afraid Im tired of you._ So I played my usual rascal temper like my brother again. If you dont let us go, we will We will go on a hunger strike! No more meals! Grandma saw us getting angry again and could only say, _Okay, then. But when you go out, you must listen to me and not run around

Half an hour later, we arrived at a lush corn field. Our brother, who always pretended to be _Conan,_ approached Grandma and asked, _Grandma, isnt this your corn field?_ The amiable grandmother said, _Thats right, this is my corn field._ We quickly got into the lush corn field, and Grandma followed closely. “

Around one oclock in the afternoon, my brother said, _Grandma, is there a snack bar near here? Grandma said, This place doesnt have any. At 1:30 in the afternoon, we finally finished the project. After working with my grandmother this time, I realized a truth: Who knows, every grain of food on the plate is hard. Farmer Uncle, its too hard!

One day, Grandma said she was going to make delicious potatoes for us, called roasted potatoes. As she spoke, she took some straw and spread it in the yard. There was some dry firewood on top, and a lot of potatoes in the middle. Then she lit the straw from below, and soon the fire started to burn. Grandma occasionally flipped the potatoes inside with long branches nearby. After more than half an hour of barbecue, the fire became smaller and smaller, In a moment, there was only ashes left. Grandma used a branch to pull out the roasted potatoes from the ashes, grabbed the straw to wipe off the ash on the outside of the potatoes, and then used a broom to clean them. She handed them to us, saying, _Be careful not to scald._ I had to make delicious food this summer, and it was also the most meaningful thing.

I believe there will be many interesting things for my classmates during this summer vacation. Come and tell me quickly!







暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第11篇

My hometown is in historical and cultural city - anqing, nature guifushengong a gift it one by one. Look! The rippling flower pavilion lake is a natural jade?

In the green silk on the lake, dotted with past island. Have a small island, island full of fragrance, it is unforgettable j. J on the lush growth of many trees, like a mossy stones. Call it j and manchuria, later because the island to have a big orange garden, visitors can enter the orange orchard pick oranges. Countless orange, like a small lantern hanging on the branches, send out a seductive fragrance. Full fruity orange again like a lovely baby, with a red face, green leaves are their plait, really beloved. Hand picked a taste, a shares of the honey still sweet juice along the soft pulp moistens my heart. So delicious oranges, I picked a large bag is enough. J scenery is so beautiful, green here, everywhere is sending out the vitality. Every little air makes you feel so comfortable, here is like a lovely xanadu, linger. Orange garden like a big treasure, is the trunk of a root guard the defenders of orange groves. As many as the stars in the sky of the green leaf carefully covered with orange, like what covered the baby. Can the naughty orange a madam, to explore the small face.



暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第12篇

During the summer vacation, my mother took me to a bicycle shop to buy a bicycle. This is my choice. The bicycle is yellow and has a folding function. It can stretch freely. As soon as I got home, I felt at a loss and wanted to learn cycling.

When I arrived at the small park, my father helped me and it felt great to ride. When my father let go, my bike flipped upside down. My father told me the skills of cycling. After listening, I tried according to my fathers advice and found that I rode more steadily and farther. I have ridden like this several times. My bicycle skills have advanced by leaps and bounds. Yes, I finally learned how to ride a bicycle! I think my summer vacation will be more meaningful when I learn to ride a bike.



暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第13篇

Today is a day of rain and rain. It has been raining since morning. There was no stopping at noon. The sky was cloudy outside the window, and I was lying on my desk, and I had no strength left.

The raindrops are like broken beads, and they leap from high into the air. In the air, the sky was a stage for raindrops. They cried, hopping, not lively!

The rain was falling on the petals, and the leaves were dancing gently on the leaves. The rain was falling in a straight line, and the wind was blowing in the wind, leaving a smoke like a mist, like a yarn, like a silk. The splash of rain fell on the ground, as if it were the beating of notes on the strings of the strings. There is no such thing as schubert's little piece of music, there is no such thing as a Beethoven symphony, only a thin, drizzling air. In the cold, the selflessness, the warmth in the wet, the tenderness in the warmth, the tenderness in exquisite.

The cheerful little rain sprinkled on the lonely path, _tick, tick..._ Slowly, there was a rhythm, and eventually it became a beautiful music. Just as Mr. Beethoven played on the piano, though the little rain is not the keyboard or the string, but it can also play beautiful music.

Now, the little rain is singing happily to every corner of the world.






暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第14篇

Today, my mother took me to Zhengzhou.

Mom took me to play. We walked into the supermarket and saw a person selling digital oil paintings. I was very curious, Just ask, _What is digital oil painting?_ Mom said, _I seem to have seen it online last time, but I cant remember exactly what it is. Lets ask!_ _Well, digital oil painting is like this. When you open it, there is a line drawing on a piece of paper, and every piece of the same color will have a number, which is matched with pigments. Each pigment is also marked with numbers, so you can apply it according to the numbers My mother and I are both interested, so we bought a few of them. They are really expensive, and each one costs several hundred yuan!

When I got home, I opened one and began to draw it seriously. After drawing it all morning, I finally finished one. My mother looked at it and said, _Not very good. Look, youre drawing cappuccino, its a famous painting, but look at the plate below. The color is too light, and the top is too dark._ I said, _Ill definitely do a good job next time!_ I said.

From this incident, I understand that everything should be done seriously.





暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第15篇

The annual summer vacation is coming, and I have arranged a meaningful summer vacation to write beautiful Chinese characters.

At the beginning of my summer vacation, my mother signed me up for a month of hard calligraphy with a curious mood early came to the classroom, the teacher first from the point of the stroke order began to teach, I write very quickly, but could not reach the requirements of the teacher, I feel boring, writing is a bit untidy, want to give up learning calligraphy class.

Through the teacher hand-holding, I found the deficiencies, know the written word is perseverance, more writing practice, should have the spirit of the iron stick ground into a needle, write in pen, eyes, body, heart, hands, brain form linkage mechanism, play a positive and sensitive heart, hand, sharp-eyed, brain fast, effect of cultivate ones morality raises a point I learned three days pass, the stroke order and behind the words is much more simple, I have the interest in writing, to write faster and faster and better, every day there are progress, also get the teachers praise.

I well completion a month of learning, through learning calligraphy, helped me to develop good habits, stimulate interest in learning, improve the aesthetic view, expand the thinking space, hands and brain coordination ability has been greatly must insist on writing down, write a more beautiful Chinese character, I spent a meaningful summer life!





暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第16篇

I took part in a few meaningful activities during the summer this activity, let me experience the hard work of making money and not easy!

I buy a newspaper on the first day: _I got up early, with the fastest speed to reconcile my things packed, I will happily out of the door, called TaoYaNi also, we with the feelings of a is full of joy to Simon in the paper, on the way we are very we put the newspapers apart, begin to set the papers, we have earnestly brightly colored paper sets together, after we put the newspapers set, found on the ground, there are two or three zhang section TaoYaNi immediately and I hurry up, we have apart just set good paper, each carefully again to turn over again, the results of a no more and no less, only one person is missing one or two newspapers, it can put us under can be anxious that bad, I said, or well sell motionless...we are talking about._

After a while, we finally proposed the same thing, but at this time it was half past seven and we hurried out of the door, and we were fighting for business...It was almost nine o clock when I finally sold the newspaper.

We counted the money you earn, the in the mind very happy, because this is the first time that oneself earn money, although very hard, hot with smelly sweat, but we are still very happy, only oneself know, the money that oneself make is very good!





暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第17篇

Tonight, I only finished dinner at 7 oclock, but my mother came back feeling weak. I think: Mom is so tired from work and has to do household chores, it must be very hard every day. Why dont you help your mother with household chores and do laundry.

Mom was having dinner when I ran to the bathroom and brought a basin of hot water. Then I brought all the clothes I needed to wash and put them in the basin, starting to wash. Originally, I thought washing clothes was an easy task, but after only washing four pieces of clothes, I was exhausted and panting heavily. Before, I always got my clothes dirty, and my mother must be very tired after washing them. I regret it very much.

After washing my clothes, I fell asleep, even in my dreams, I kept thinking: Is Mom the most tired person in the world.




暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第18篇

Joy, anger, sadness, joy, feeling... Now, I've experienced it all. This summer vacation will be unforgettable all my life.

After the start of the summer vacation this year, because _black_ grade to enter the busy life, so I had to go to make up a missed lesson, that it doesn't let yourself fall behind of the whole team. The holiday has more than 60 days, and the lessons take 40 days. But I don't regret it because I know that even if I do, my grades will not catch up with others, and I will study harder after school. If you think about it in a different way, it's good to think of it as a new course in preparation for the first three. The summer vacation

As for the joy, it was the day of my uncle's wedding. We all went, and on that day I was busy. It was a little tired, but I thought of my uncle's concern for me and his love for me. I left all my fatigue behind and began to get busy again. _Come back, come back! As soon as I got to the village, I shouted. The bus came to the door, and grandma and mother came out. Open the door and look inside. _oh, what a beautiful!_ Joy puts heart into a man really, grandpa with brilliance, the grandmother's face bright smile like those innocent children, wish I can see grandma this forever smile. I am very happy today.




暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第19篇

My name is Li BaoLing . I have a good friend . Her name is Chen ZiQing . I am 13 years old . She is as old as me. I am 155cm tall. She is 150cm tall . She is 5cm shorter than me . I am 36kg . She is 37kg . She is heavier than me .She often does homework with me .We always help each other. I am happy to have a good firend .


暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第20篇

Time like a stream of quietly slip away, a happy, happy, happy summer vacation was also quietly taken away. What happened in the summer vacation like the stars of the sky, repeatedly appeared in my eyes, so I can not forget.

Because I usually especially like to read some books on history, but because I do not have much time to read books, so I am very unhappy. In this summer my mother seems to see my mind, immediately to our village library borrowed four or five books on the history of me to see, I will concentrate on the look up. But I read three weeks, I have nothing to do. After three days of reading the book, I was so boring. Finally, the fourth day my mother told me to go with her to move the watermelon! I put on the boots, pick up the kegs to the watermelon starting! I carefully walked on the slippery ridge, and gradually saw a lot of watermelon, carefully remove the round watermelon, fear of falling to the ground. _One, two, three ... ..._ I installed five big watermelon, I lift a lift, and forced to drag the barrel back. Home when I have been tired to sweat, and can be _emperor pays off_, my mother in order to reward me specifically gave me a iced watermelon! that's nice!

However, those who are memories, or to face the new semester.




暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第21篇

During the summer vacation, everyone will experience various interesting events. Below, let me share with you an interesting experience I experienced during the summer vacation.

Summer vacation is our childrens paradise, during which we meet to catch crabs together. On the agreed day, I got up early, found a plastic bottle, and set off. When we arrived at the seaside, the seawater receded and left behind shallow rocky beaches, which are the best habitat for crabs. We started to divide our work, each person went to a stone beach to search, and once we had arranged it, everyone started. I was arranged to be on a rocky beach near the seawater. I rolled up my pants and walked around the messy pile of rocks to reach the beach, where I began to move the stones under my feet to search for crabs. Moving several stones in a row without finding any crabs, where did they hide? I am not willing to continue searching. The little friends in the distance were cheering, and they had all gained something. They only caught small crabs and put them into bottles, leaving only my bottles empty. I became anxious and walked closer to the seawater. I moved a large stone near the seawater, and sure enough, a crab was about to escape into the seawater. I quickly tried to reach out and catch it. Suddenly, a slender and slender snake swam to my hand. It was a snake, and I immediately realized it. Then I shouted, _Theres a snake._ Quickly, I ran back to the shore, and the other companions heard my call and quickly ran back to the shore, Everyone was frightened. After a while, a bold person asked me, _Is the snake big?_ I couldnt see it very clearly, so I had to answer, _I didnt see it clearly._ Everyone was quite curious and wanted to see how big the snake was. So they boldly came to the place where I just found the snake. They saw a black shoelace floating around in the sea, where were any snakes? Seeing this scene, everyone laughed and said I disturbed the _military morale_, Punish me to help everyone catch crabs.

That interesting scene still echoes in my mind. Dont say much more, hurry up and call on your friends to go out and catch crabs together.




暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第22篇

One day during the summer vacation, my father and I agreed to playbadminton, so we went to guolin park with badminton and racket.

The scenery of the park is picturesque, there are colorful flowers, andsome flowers are fragrant and beautiful. We came to a clearing and put the bagon the lawn. Starting to play, the father said, “take the ball in your lefthand, take the beat in your right hand, and throw the ball gently at the beat ofthe ball and hit the ball towards the other.” I cant serve at the beginning,also wont catch, serve as dad said practice is much more skilled practice, butthe other ball back, I was a little bad. I was a little frustrated by this, butI thought: once you do something, you must do it well! So I trained again. I wasable to catch my dads ball very well, and my father praised me for saying thatthe more I played the better, I was so happy.

暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第23篇

With the development of the modern technology,private car is no longer a luxurious thing for ordinary people,more and more people drive to work instead of going by bus. The popularization of private car has many , it is very convenient and time-saving ,you can drive your own car to the workplace instead of waiting for the crowded bus and afraid of being late for ,it can also improve the traffic structure,and help to mitigate the stress of the , the popularization of private car can help to promote the car industry and any other interrelated industries. I believe that in the future the private car will become the most important vehicle and we cann't live without it.


暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第24篇

The end of the summer vacation, mom and dad decided to take me to visit Beijing.

We are 17 PM 30 aircraft, the result to the airport, the plane was late and finally to fly at 7 o 'clock, I was a good try so hard to wait at the airport. Arrived in Beijing at 8 PM, 9 PM arrived in mother in online book a good hotel in advance.

On the first day of the Beijing morning we came to the _world_ for instance, from online booking the tickets here is also a mother good, directly take ticket, we arrived there don't have to line up, I found the network is really good, very convenient. Such as the world is a large professional children experience centre, last year I came to Beijing to play when I was two, do hamburgers, soya-bean milk and pizza, also when the police and doctor, this time I had biscuits, chocolate, vamps and also when the power supply of workers and staff of gas station, I also participated in the card and cool as the TV grow gas station selection, I recruit only 26 seconds of time, but not in the top five, no chance to attend a formal program, is really sad. 2 PM out such as the world, mom and dad again next to accompany me to the cinema to see _the Smurfs_ and _Moore manor ice century_, after two games, look very enjoyable!




暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第25篇

My summer vacation life is sometimes like a colorful bucket of flowers, presenting me with wonderful memories one after another. Sometimes like a flute, playing beautiful songs for me. Sometimes its like a picture album, showcasing colorful scrolls of art for me. One of the most unforgettable things for me is visiting the mountains at dawn.

One early morning during this summer vacation, I went to climb Gu Mountain.

Dawn broke, and the earth was hazy, as if shrouded in a silver gray veil. The stars twinkled in the sky, and the stars blinked from time to time. The delicate breeze gently caressed our cheeks, like the warm hands of our mother. The golden words _Jingushan Park_ on the tall and majestic Mount Taishan Stone are clearly recognizable. The winding and winding steps were covered in layers of mist, like those made of silver. I followed the steps made of silver halfway up the mountain, and the morning birds sang a wake-up call. The hazy vegetation was awakened, _ticking_, and the light dewdrops quickly hid in the grass. Occasionally, fast-paced mountaineers walked by, and the whole world slowly woke up.

The east has already revealed a fish belly white and bright red. The sun shines through the clouds and shines through the morning mist. We walked along the long corridor on the mountaintop into the eastern pavilion, and from a distance, the pavilion looked like eight ox horns embedded high and raised. The eight red pillars firmly supported the pavilion, exquisite and unique, elegant and graceful.

I came to the lotus pond at the foot of the mountain, where the noisy crowd was bustling. The cries of breakfast stalls and the music in the teahouse played the prelude to the day. The green shade in the lotus pond gives people a sense of coolness. The green lotus leaves are like small umbrellas that are propped up, and small fish are frolicking in bubbles among the lotus leaves. The red lotus is like a graceful little girl, shy and astringent, with a slight smile on her face.

Inadvertently, the sun quietly climbed up three poles, and I reluctantly left Gu Shan Park.

The pavilion with flying eaves and flowing corners, and the diverse lotus flowers, have added a bright color to my summer vacation. It really makes me linger back and forth!








暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第26篇

On Sunday, I saw my mother doing housework again. I saw my mother working so hard and quickly ran over to help her clean the floor. My mother said, _Im so happy you can help me with the housework, my child!_ I said, _Its okay. This is what I should do. Youre so tired and still working, I cant stand it anymore. Mom, lets work together. If you take a break, Ill help you first._ My mother nodded.

After a while, Mom and I finished our work. My mother said, _My child, I am so happy that you can help your parents with their work when you grow up! What do you want me to reward you for? Just say it._ I hugged my mother and said, _Mom, I dont want anything. As long as you can promise me to do less work in the future and let my father and I help you, I will definitely do it well._ My mother said, _Okay, okay, I promise you can do it!_ I nodded, tears streaming in my eyes.

Since my words made my mother no longer tired and tired, I just want to say in the end, _Mom, youve worked hard!




暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第27篇

Today, the teacher took us to touch the clams, we are not so happy.

We went all the way to the happy river, and we were in front of us with a wide open sky, and we rushed down to the shore. _Ha! Ha! Ha! There was laughter. I fixed my eyes, ah! It turned out that zhang zhipeng was sliding into the water. I went down to the water and the students helped each other. Afraid like zhang zhipeng. Everyone was looking for it, but I couldn't find one. Ah, finally find one, I take up to see, the sky, so small! This could be the world's smallest clam! But I also find myself excited about the _world's greatest_. Well, don't think about it, just keep looking for it. It's a minute and a half, but I still can't find it, you know, don't laugh at me. It is a pity to see others' buckets of their own _spoils_ and look at my pail. I have no confidence at all, ah, I have found one again, this clam is full and big! Oh, great! I finally have my own battle fruit, my heart don't say how happy! Then my faith resumed, and I continued to find it. At the end of the day, I also had a big harvest -- eight clams.

Finally, at the urging of the teacher, the students were reluctant to leave the happy river, but I think the laughter still reverberated in the stream.




暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第28篇

At noon, just halfway through my meal, my mother said to me, _From today on, youll do the dishes._ After that, she went to bed.

Im not happy to hear that, but I cant help it. After finishing my meal, I went to the restroom, filled a basin of water, and put the tableware in the water. As I was preparing to wash, I suddenly saw the oil on the plate, which made me feel uncomfortable. I reluctantly washed the tableware with dishwashing detergent, and I poured another basin of water to clean the tableware, making it shiny. My mood suddenly brightened up and I thought to myself, _I can receive praise this time._ Oh, as I expected, I really received the praise.

Mom got up and saw me washing the dishes so clean. Smiling, I said, _The sun is coming out from the west today. Isnt it pretty good?_ I heard it and felt happy in my heart. From then on, I loved doing household chores.




暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第29篇

Today is Sunday, and my mother and I got up early because today my mother took me for a run, and we could also enjoy the scenery and exercise.

My mother and I started running along the path, and the bird stood on the branch chirping as if saying hello to me. Wild flowers are still blooming on the roadside, like smiling faces, and small grass has also grown, one by one, like small blankets. My mother and I were tired from running, so we sat next to a small grass and rested on a large stone. We looked at the flowers and grass, and our mood improved.

My mother and I started walking, and I saw little bees flying around in the flowers. It turned out that they were picking nectar. My mother told me, _Little bees are the most hardworking, they start working early every day. I also want to learn from little bees, not afraid of hardship or fatigue. On the way, I also saw butterflies dancing in the flowers, what a beautiful painting!

Through this run, I saw beautiful scenery and also exercised my body. Lets go together!





暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第30篇

One day during the summer vacation, my mother said she was going to buy some scallions. I told my mother that I wanted to go because I had never seriously visited the farmers market since I was so old. I really want to experience life!

When I arrived at the market, I saw a sea of people and a lively scene. The sound of selling and bargaining is constantly heard. I walked forward and found that the market was divided into _vegetable area_, _poultry area_, _fish area_, and _handicraft area_, which were all crowded with people.

In the vegetable area, there are so many rows of vegetables to see! There are many types and almost everything. Because my uncle was buying tomatoes, he picked up one and looked at it. He asked, _How much is it per kilogram?_ _One yuan and two._ _Can you make it cheaper, one yuan and one?_ _Okay._ The uncle happily left. I stopped at the scallion stall and asked, 25 cents or two.. I said, _Auntie, can you make it cheaper? Buy half a kilogram for one yuan?_ Auntie readily agreed.

I have come to the place where fish are sold again. There are all kinds of fish here, including crucian carp, carp, silver carp, eels, and various types of shrimp. I saw a farmer buying a big carp weighing up to 30 pounds. How big! How much is this set per kilogram? _Said the farmer._ My family used to not even have enough to eat, but now I have an annual income of over 50000 yuan. _As he spoke, he took out a stack of money from it, gave the fish money, and left with a smile. Looking at his back, I thought to myself: With good policies now, farmers can also live a moderately prosperous life!

At the place selling handicrafts, I looked at it and saw, wow, its so beautiful! They are all handmade by craftsmen. It contains the vastness and profundity of Chinese culture.

As soon as I walked into the poultry meat area, a foul fishy smell came upon me. There are pork, beef, and lamb hanging on the shop. The cage also contains chickens, ducks, and others tied inside.

Its already 11 oclock when I looked at the watch, so I quickly ran home because my mother is still waiting to use the scallions I bought!

The experience of a farmers market was really interesting and gave me a lot of insights.









暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第31篇

Today, my father and mother took me and my little sister to my hometown to attend my uncles wedding. We were so happy that we didnt sleep all the way.

At the wedding scene, it was a rural courtyard with red bricks and white walls, very neat. I saw people coming and going inside and outside the courtyard, bustling with excitement. Men drink and chat, while women are busy cooking delicious food. The happiest ones are the children. They sometimes go to see the bride, and sometimes run around the yard, chasing and playing. My sister and I quickly joined them. The courtyard was filled with laughter and a cheerful atmosphere.

Suddenly, a burst of gunfire sounded, which startled me. It turned out that the wedding had begun. I saw the bride wearing a snow-white wedding dress, as beautiful as a fairy in the sky, and the groom wearing a particularly handsome suit. They got married amidst the blessings of their relatives and friends.

As soon as the wedding was over, everyone started eating, which was my favorite part. I opened up my stomach and had a big meal. I am really happy today!





暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第32篇

My hobby is playing chess, I often go down with my grandfather, but every time it is a failure, grandpa always said I don't grow. When it comes to chess, I know some, but compared to the grandfather who is known as the “general sheng”, just like a little bit of a little bit.

Today, I'm going to have a chess fight with my grandpa. As the saying goes, “train for a thousand days”. We set the game and killed it. I think that winning will take him by surprise. So I set up the gun, arranged the “pileup” and kept the rest of the road. Then I pulled out my car, rushed to the “enemy” camp, hit right and left, and I ate my grandpa's “horse and gun” and four “soldiers” in a row.

I was a little complacent, so modestly said to my grandpa, “I'm sorry, you can't sit still. Now you must lose this game.” I was glad that this game had won before my eyes, and I couldn't help but cocked my legs and hummed a little. I said to my grandpa, “grandpa, if I can eat you with one of my chess pieces, if I turn all the rest, you will probably let me kill you!” Well, I was camped here, waiting for reinforcements to help me, but what I didn't expect was that the enemy had an early intention of attacking the camp. The enemy took the plane to our main force, checked the soldiers of the city, and entered the main area. I see the situation is not good, busy with the “round wei rescue zhao” plan may be too late, the main will be arrested.

暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第33篇

The hot summer holiday is coming. The best sport is swimming now. My mother and I immediately went to the gym.

Looking forward to the day of swimming, we did the warm-up first, and then, like a flock of ducklings, we stormed the water. Wow, the water is so cool! I didn't know anything about swimming, and I began to learn how to look at other partners.

_Poof!_ I drink a lot of saliva in succession, the nose is also sour, I angrily think: hum, have what great, is not to change gas? Still trying to catch miss Ben?

With that in mind, I learned to breathe and started sliding. Gliding is very important in swimming, it can make you swim easily and swim fast. I'm afraid to slide out, facing up to one meter and twenty centimeters of water. So deep water, it's no laughing matter! The coach met and said calmly to me, _overcome the psychological barrier and move forward boldly._

I heard it, and I learned it bravely, and he taught me how to kick my legs, and I made a lot of progress, which made the coach very happy.

After 10 days of practice, I finally mastered the breaststroke skills. This is the result of my 10 days of excitement.

The time went by fast, and the 14 days passed, and I learned a variety of swimming positions, too. It was a really happy summer vacation.








暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第34篇

During the summer vacation, I went to Xiaogoubei with my parents, Doudou family, grandfather, and grandmother. At Xiaogoubei, we took a sightseeing bus to the scenic area first. I bought a water gun first, and Doudou also bought one. We walked forward and saw a river. I went down to play in the water first. Im crazy. I sprayed water on my dads face with a water gun, and Doudou also hit me in the face with water. I sprayed Doudou on my face again. We sprayed each other, you and I sprayed each other.

Finally, I decided not to spray. We walked on the suspension bridge, then on the single wooden bridge, and even on the big gourd. My dad even took me climbing, and I wasnt even afraid. After dinner, we took a car back together. During the meal, Doudou didnt even want to leave and wanted to stay there overnight!



暑假英语日记80字带翻译初二 第35篇

I have many friends, and one of them is Lily. She is one of my best friends. She lives in the same area with me. We become friends for three school day, we go to school together. We have many things in common. For example, we both like listening to the music, reading books and playing badminton. We both study hard and do well in studies. We help each in study, because we want to make progress together. I am happy to have such a good friend.