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英语作文范文邮件 第1篇

Dear professor Li,

I am a undergraduate from the Department of physics and I fortunately took a major course on which you lectured. Your lessons impressed me deeply.

As a senior, I face the choice between hunting for a job and continuing to study. I prefer to apply for a chance to pursue a Master’s degree abroad.

I have taken required English exams and got excellent scores. What’s more, I have finished my personal statement, which is attached to this letter. I’m now writing to ask if you can write a reference for me, which will greatly facilitate my admission into a . university.

Best wishes for your health.

Your Student,

英语作文范文邮件 第2篇

Dear Mr. Black,

I have applied for admission to Harvard University. As I have no relatives in the United States and I have no enough money for the tuition. I must find a financial guarantor. You know, in applying for a student visa, an affidavit to support must be submitted from an individual who will assure this opportunity. It plays an important role for my chance to enter the Harvard University. Could you do me a favor to be my financial guarantor. If I really have the chance of coming to the U. S., I will undertake part-time employment to cover all the living expenses.

Please write to me soon.

Yours sincerely,

英语作文范文邮件 第3篇

Dear Jack,How is everything going ?I am writing to tell you that I have found a new job in a bank, which is located in the main business area. It's really not easy to have an oppotunity to work in a bank and I am very happy. And I will move to my new house next week. It is ROOM 312 of city park in the Oxford street, which is near the bank I work it is a little bit far from your house, I will visit you as I usually do. And welcome to my new house ! My new phone number is 7635089, and I am looking forward to 110 words

英语作文范文邮件 第4篇

Dear Mr. Carter,

As a new year comes across the corner, it gives us great pleasure to say how much we have appreciated working with you over the past twelve months. It was a good memory for me which I always kept in my mind. Would you be the same with me? Last year was a wonderful year and we both got many benefits and progress from each other. I sincerely hope that our pleasant business relationship will continue for years to come.

Our staff here join me in wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Yours sincerely,


英语作文范文邮件 第5篇




24th November 20xx

Foshan Sweethome Installations Ltd.

2 Xiyue Street

Foshan, Guangdong


Dear sirs,

In reply to your letter of 21st Novermber, We have pleasure in enclosing a detailed quotation for bathroom showers.

Besides those advertised in the Builers' Joural , our illustrated catalogue also encolsed shows various types of bathroom fittings and the sizes available. Most types can be supplied from stock. 45-60 days should be allowed for delivery of those marked with an asterisk.

Building contractors in Hong Kong and Chinese Taiwan have found our equipment easy to install and attractive in apperance. Naturally all parts are replacable. and our quotation includes prices of spare parts. We can allow a 2% discount on all orders of US$6,000 in value and overf, and a 3%on orders exceeding US$20,000.

Any orders you place with us will be processed promptly.

yours faithfully.

Francesco Marani

Sales Manager

Via , 24/a

Castellon Spain

Tel:(964) 560001 Fax (964) 560002

英语作文范文邮件 第6篇




Could you please fax the invoice/invitation/quotation to me?



Would you like to fax XXX to me?

Please send me a fax. My fax number is XXX.






I’m sending a fax to XXX. Please give me a signal.



I guess there is something wrong with their fax machine. It is unavailable now. I’ll send it later.





(2) 电话和传真机共用一个号码时:拨号,在电话接通后,请对方给你一个传真信号,听到“嘀”一声后,按启动键;后面步骤同上。



I have faxed you XXX. Please have a check.



It would be great if you sign it and fax it back to me.




I have received your fax. But some pages were missing. Could you please fax it again?



There were some pages too blurred to read. Please send it again.

I’m afraid you have sent the wrong file. Could you check it and send it again?



I’ll email you tomorrow with the details.



I’ll send an email to the parties concerned ASAP.

I’ll write an email to explain the details.

Let me check the email and report to you later.



CC:CC的全名是Carbon Copy,即抄送。只要是和该邮件所涉及信息相关的人,需要了解该邮件信息的人都要去CC。

BCC:BCC的全名是Blind Carbon Copy,即加密抄送。BCC一般用来放你的下属。


英语作文范文邮件 第7篇

Dear Sirs,

I take delight in recommending Mr Wang Gang to the Education Department of your university.

Mr Wang is a conscientious and strong-minded young man. He was first trained for two years in Beijing Normal University and assigned to work as a high school teacher. His desire, however, was to instruct English in a university. Then he entered the Beijing Institute of Education to study English for another two years . His academic record was exceptionally good, especially in American literature course.

Now, He has graduated from the institute and hopes to study further abroad, which will benefit his future employment prospect and may help fulfil his desire.

I should appreciate it very much if you would consider him.

Yours sincerely,

英语作文范文邮件 第8篇



108 Laoshan Road Qingdao Shangdong China

Tel: (0532) 500 000 Fax: (0532) 500 001 Zip: 266000

September 30, 200#

Hamzza A. Sesay

Managing Director

The Sesays' International Co. Ltd.

101 Long Street


South Africa

Dear Mr. Sesay:

We thand you for your fax of September 27, together with your orders and . has been added to your Christmas order and is being made ready for immediate dispatch. We regret that we are still unable to supply _Luxury_ champagne glasses, but we are sending you _Bliss_, the alternative marked on your order.

We were very gratified to learn of the success you are having with our glassware , and we shall be pleased to discuss your reques for more favourable terms. When our representative, Mr. Zhao, calls on you in the new year, he will make you an offer which we feel sure will meet with your approval.

we send you our warmest congratulations on your increased business with us and look forward to further increases to our mutual benefit.

Yours faithfully

Rui Xuezhen

Sales Manager

英语作文范文邮件 第9篇

Dear Li Ying,

Haven’t seen you for a long time. How have you been? I am missing you all the time. As the weather is splendid now, Jack、 Lucy and I have made a plan to go out to the countryside by bike. Each of us may take food for the picnic, which we will have at the hillside. The countryside must be very lovely, with grass and trees growing flourishingly, flowers full bloom and bright sunshine. We can enjoy the scenery to our hearts’ content, at the same time and take some pictures as a memory . It is possible for us to meet at the bus stop 8 a. m. I am sure we will have a good time. Do come and join us.

Yours always,